Even though Darren Shirlaw was found liable for fraud by the London Central County Court, Darren Shirlaw continues to promote ‘business coaching’ ventures in online seminars, YouTube films and Zoom ‘keynotes.’

Despite the fraud finding, and despite declaring himself bankrupt on 15 July, evidence from internet searches shows Mr Shirlaw is already promoting a new venture.

Darren Shirlaw continues to promote a new coaching business Bob Earth Ltd and was advertised as a speaker at a series of Bob Earth Zoom seminars titled ‘The New Era is Here.’ Potential investors are invited to book seminars on 17 August, 28 September, 19 October and then every month through to May 2022.

Darren Shirlaw continues to market himself as ‘The Millionaire Maker,’ with motivational talks & seminars are all over the internet. Darren Shirlaw promotes himself in hundreds of YouTube films with apparent endorsements from PNB Paribas, RBS, the London Stock Exchange and London & Partners.

Bob Earth has the same founder (Linzi Boyd) as Business of Brand (registered as BOB Group), where Darren Shirlaw was a director and held shares up to May 2020.

Darren Shirlaw registered another new business with BOB Group founder Linzi Boyd, the L&D Foundation, on the day before the London Central County Court judgment and then resigned as a director the same day.

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